The party 2016


We who danced at the HyttDreva 2015 invite you to come again:


Welcome to HyttDreva 2016

12-14 August

Södra Hyttan


We welcome you for music, food, workshops and other natural & cultural experiences. This year even more diversely, only because we had so much fun last time. We hope you will come to enjoy our rural spectacle.





KROKE from Krakow


We proudly present our all-time favourite: Kroke, who come to play on Saturday night.


Listen to Kroke


Kroke is a Polish band that originally only played Klezmer music, but have evolved to play their own style with improvs and elements of world music. Their music crosses boundaries in both time and space.



Minnie Marks

With an insane talent that’s out of control playing what she calls dirty sweet rock & roll this young singer/songwriter/guitarist/multi instrumentalist has been eating up girl bands since 1994.

Minnie Marks is not just some blazingly electrified acoustic guitar playing freak of nature, but also a rare and triple threat: Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Be warned, her show will take you on a dizzying, riff rock rollercoaster ride with songs written over the past years of her musical journey around the world.


Touring a new album release recorded live in Germany, named 'LIVE IN STUTTGART' this bombshell explodes on stage pushing the limits of her guitar, vocals and performance, kicking arse and playing to packed out shows, leaving little doubt everybody is touting her as ‘the next big thing’.

Listen here!



Sofie Reed

She is back at Hyttdreva again!

”Soulful, spunky, raw and charismatic”


”Then the voice — the lap steel — the harmonica — and the stomp box …and finally

the heart, the attitude, the stories, the songs— this is the stuff from which music historians write

long after an artist is gone, not while they’re in our midst. This is a woman who has lived a life

worthy of being called a blues artist.”

A Note From Chris Kresge

Rocky Mountain Music Networ



Fotograf: Stig-Magnus Thorsén

Lyset i forsen

Their music is described as cheeky, intelligent and beautiful. It first grew out of Dalarna’s musical tradition and has from there taken on new shapes and forms giving a more dynamic view of traditional ways to play, inviting imagination to the party.

Playfully and challenging the trio bends the limits of what’s newly written, what’s unwritten, and what’s since long written down in a place where music is free and belongs to all.

Violins and voices are sown together in unique compositions with improvs along with traditional music that broadens the spectrum of traditional Swedish folk-music, and tells living tales of where female practitioners have before been excluded.

Mournful tunes and newly composed text, discoriff and mighty polskas with rugged twists and turns are united because it’s fun, and because it’s 2016.


The group has been established during the last four years and together grown to twist, turn, and twirl tunes and songs that now have resulted in their debut album along with a nomination for the Best New Artist of the year and the Folk and World music Awards. Ungraspable, but still well known tunes outside time, yet here and now.


The group consists of Lovisa Risinger, Thea Åslund och Emma Lagerberg - all on violin, viola d’amore and song. Listen here!





Celso Paco & Dynamo de Lux

Next we’ve got Celso Paco & Dynamo de Luxe.The music takes off in Celso Pacos’ musical roots in his homeland of Mozambique. Strong rhythms, poetical texts and beautiful melodies.

Together with the Swedish musicians mixed and firm background, it gets it’s own particularly carved-out sound. With respect towards the traditions in the African music, and with a curious eye towards the future, this becomes music that spreads happiness and gets the audience to dance as if there was no tomorrow. Forever!


The group has played at large festivals, neighbourhood pubs, jazz clubs, living rooms, and more.. Listen here!


Mama Chajes Orkestrar



Mama Chajes Orkestrar

A real balkan knockout, back to HyttDreva for the second year.

Helena Sandell - violin and trumphet

Joel Lindblom - trombone

Erika Lindholm - saxophone

Linus Lundqvist - percussion

Elias Gustavsson - base

Max Häggberg - drums

Listen here!



Kapell Malén

A trio of international recognition that consists of Camilla Malén Friman, playing the cello. Anna Johansson playing the violin, and Klas Friman playing the guitar. All three currently reside in Lindesberg and work as musicians and educators. They have received their musical education in Sweden and abroad, and together have a wide range of knowledge in both classical music and folk music.

Listen here!




Mikael Ramels band Till dej

Mikael Ramel, with roots in the musical movement of the 70s, with his first, notorious, LP “For You” (1972) is now on a reunion-tour with an incredible band assembly:


Kenny Håkansson – Guitar and still going strong with among others the band ”Kebnekajse.” He played on Mikael’s first albums.

Göran Lagerberg – bass. Played with Tages (60s), with among others Mikael Ramel (70s) and Egba (80s), and many more.

Mats Öberg– Keyboards and song. This supermucisician that has played with Frank Zappa, Ale Möller Band, and others, met Mikael in 2003. Since then they have found and won appreciation in different constellations. And their last album “What a difference” came out in 2005.

Benna Sörman– super drummer that joins this constellation for the first time. Exciting things to come” Benna has a past as a drummer with Magnus Uggla, ABBA and others… Benna also played with Mikael Ramel on the album “One for all” (1986).

Mikael Ramel– Guitar and song, has a dussin production to boast with. He has a reputation for always being able to create amazing bands with the best musicians! And this time too – maybe the best band ever?!! The vision of this band is to re-play the early songs from the 70s in a modern format.







Emelie Sjöström – ‘Percussion'


Emelie Sjöström is a percussion player with the whole world as her base. She has toured in Sweden, the Baltics, and India during the last years, cooperating with composers from Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Sweden. Emelie has studied artmusic at the Academy of Music in Örebro and has specified as a multi-percussion player and vibrations. With a powerful stageshow Emelie invites the audience on a trip through meditative worlds of sound and strong rhythms.







Ananda ‘a folksy musical journey'


Ananda consists of Karin Gibson, Kajsa Zetterlund and Mats Lindström.

They have their roots in folk music but invite you on a journey with, among other, eastern music, South American, Indian and Australian touches. The show is a mix of pure improv and traditional Swedish folk-music. The experience ends with a collective toning.

Be aware: this performance will take place in Hjulsjö Kyrka.


Photo: Jenniann Johannesson


Ill Wicker

Based in Gothenburg Ill Wicker has with their second full-length production declared that folk-prog was never supposed to slumber. During dark encounters bright hope for the future is solidified with their “with-without” (Utanmed) breaks all rules for how an acoustic folk-band ought to sound. The sextet original sound has been stretched out and now subsumes a new universe that pulsates with beauty, demonic desperation and life.

Ill Wicker’s nature is found in sensitively composing stories with words and notes, but this time mixed with ballad verses that could have, and sometimes are, taken from the traditional soil /base?

Between ritualistic percussion and leading strings, austere vocals, bowed string instruments and pipe-organ are woven together and unveiled, revealed like an old negative emerging in the darkness. Utanmed is a poetic and yappy emancipation from structural conventions, as seen through a kaleidoscope



Adam Grauman - The bass

Ebba Wigren - Percussion

Emil Ridderstolpe - guitar och song

Emma Lagerberg - violin, song, pipe-organ och carillon

Hampus Odlöw - mandola and song

Thea Åslund - viola d’amore and song





Zoetrop is a loosely-knit group, which has appeared many times in different constellations. They all have close and long-lasting relationships with Lindesberg and surrounding areas. Mattias Risberg has a background in classical music, jazz and improv-music. Johan Wennman’s background lies in rock and blues. Janne Magnusson in rock and has appeared in other contexts. Arne Jonsson is a poet. The act is made up of improv, mainly on acoustic instruments. Arne reads his own texts.

Zoetrop promises the audience an exciting and changable show..


Mattias Risberg - keyboard

Johan Wennman - bass

Janne Magnusson - drums

Arne Johnsson - reading






Bergslagernas Spelmansgille


Music to dance. Traditional folkmusic from Bergslagen (our region) with a group of players which has existed, in various forms, from the early 1900's when the national folkmuscisian Carl-Erik Hartman created BångbroGuldsmedshyttans playing group. In 1943 they changed name into Bergslagernas Spelmansgille for trying to get other muscisians from other parts of Bergslagen. Today the members come from Kopparberg,Ställdalen, Guldsmedshyttan and Lindesberg, and they invite all for an afternoon that will alure to both listening and movements.










Chamberjazz and tunes. The trio consists of our local son-who-stayed Erik Trillkott on claviature. Björn Cederquist will play the bass and guitar while Lars O. Ericsson will contribute with multiple windinstruments and songs.








Medusas huvud



Weaving, audio-settings, text and music all in one performance.


The performance is part of an ongoing project which has treads woven through time. Astrid Bäcksträm weavs large author and artist portraits from rags of cotton and wollen yarn. Håkan Johansson has set music to poems and texts by Gunnar Ekelöf, Lars Bäckström, Ellen Key, Gudrun Key-Åberg, Rönnog Seaberg and Ingemar Willgert. The music stretches from art-, jazz and folkmusic. The musical setting will be set by vocals, accordion and violin. Dressed up creaters may be encountered during the performance, as well as sudden declarations. All in all the texts and the music creates a kind of hybrid mix and can be seen as a broad and strong defence of humanism by focusing on the artistic experience.


Astrid Bäckström; weaving and vocals, Emanuel Söderberg; song and violin, Håkan Johansson; song and the accordion.




Multimusikanten Thomas Lundkvist

Experience the multi-musician Thomas Lundkvist handle instruments such as hulusi, aquaphone, birch, tromba marina and many more. Meet an sound artist and composer who asserts that all instruments can be used for something more (even the bass guitar). Thomas, who in the 1970s was the lead initiative behind Södra Bergens Balalajkor, is today active in Bergslagen with his unforgettable musical experiences. During HyttDreva 2016 Thomas will return to our Gallery with his many instruments in something that can only – but not sufficiently – be described as an unique acoustic show.