Workshops 2016

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Välkomna till HyttDreva 2016

12-14 augusti

Södra Hyttan





Gong bath with Karin Gibson



"The Power of Sound” - Gong Bath with and by Karin Gibson. During about an hour you are invited to lie down and bathe in high frequent vibrations from, among others, gongs, tibetan bowls, crystal-bowls, shamadrums, highspirite flute, shells, tanpura, sansula, shrutibox and last but not least, the healing and transforming human voice. Bring something soft to lie down on, and preferably a blanket to stay extra cosy.


Place: Hjulsjö Församlingsgård


Date and time:

Saturday august 13 16.00 ~ 17.15


Costs:: 250 kr, 13-18 pay half price


N.B: Preregistration to ABF. Press here!





A trip with Celso Paco to the burning African savannah.


Open workshop for children from 5yrs to adults.


Celso Paco plays, sings, dances and tells stories from the burning African savannah. In an engaging story with song and dance we meet the slow turtle, the hungry lion, the cunning baboon and other scary, funny, characters accompanying the tunes of traditional african instruments.


About the leader: Celso Paco is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, danser, and story-teller from Moçambique. Already aged 14 he became a musician by trade and has since then toured Europe, the US, Australia and Africa. He has played as a solo artist on Skeppsholmen Jazz and Blues Festival, Fasching Jazzclub, and is known from story-telling programmes in many countries. During HyttDreva 2016 he shares his stories for children in Södra Hyttan. More information about Celso Paco can be found on



Place: Anrikningen (the big stage at HyttDreva on the festival ground)


Time and date: Saturday 13 August 13.00-14.00



Costs: If you have a festival pass, or a Saturday ticket, it’s free. Otherwise 40 SEK per person. No pre-registration needed.






Slackline - learn to walk on a line with Alexander Baker.


Slackline is an amazing way to find balance in both body and mind. At the same time it’s good physical and mental training as you try to keep yourself on the line. For many it’s a way to let go of worries and focus on only one thing – in the end yourself – and that’s to keep your balance. Alexander has taught people from 4 yrs to 70yrs how to walk on the slackline and everybody who tries get equally excited: the desire to continue and try again and again arises immediately as the challenge is accepted.

Are you in pain? Do you have an injury? No problems. Slackline is soft and smooth for the body, while at the same time it’s an activity that strengthens most of the muscles in the body. If you want more information about this you are welcome to ask as you stand next to one of the slacklines.


About the leader: Alexander Baker is 25 yrs old and grew up in the Netherlands and in Sweden. He has a masters in Philosophy from Kingston University and Université Paris-VIII. Through his mountaineering in extreme conditions he found the thrill of slackening and has found a pedagogy to stimulate us normal mortals to try and extend our normal comfort-zones. Now he lives on Rombohöjden and is one of the organisers of HyttDreva.


Place: Hyttdreva festival grounds.


Time and date: Drop-in on Saturday 13 August 14-15.30.



Costs: free for all.





Vänskap med Bollen (friendship with the ball)


Join coach Chris for a fun day of fotbol. Participants will learn how to handle the ball in various ways. The skills demonstrated and trained in this session will ignite the imagination and leave the participant with a number of challenges for further experimentation. The idea behind this session is that the best fotbol coach you will ever have is one who will always be available- the ball itself!


About the leader: Chris grew up in Michigan, USA with a passion for sport. As a young man “soccer” become the focus of this love affair, and he was blessed with the opportunity to play professionally for the Minnesota Thunder in America’s ¨superettean¨, before trying his career in Iceland, where he played for 6 years in the Premier League and the 1st division. His coaching career has kept up with his playing career- he has been involved in soccer camps in the United States since 1995, and was head coach for Grythyttans IF from 2013-2015. Chris currently plays for Nora in Sweden’s 3rd division.


Place: On the festival grounds


Time and date: Saturday 13 August 13-16


Costs: free for all.





Coffee roasting with Märta and Magnus


Roasting coffee – and doing so well – is in large a process to try, with knowledge and skills, both in regards to the bean and the roasting itself. The work is founded in an idea of what one would like to achieve, which in turn is determined by the innate character of the bean itself, its chemical composition and aroma potential, and, goes without saying, your own preferences. A bean cannot only be roasted, it also has to be explored. Try it yourself, and roast coffee beans with Hjulsjö 103’s Märta and Magnus. Read more here (Swedish only)


About the roasters: Märta is a gardening engineer from SLU Alnarp and works as head of gardening at Resta Gård, Örsundsbro. Preserving cultivator, primeur creator, dairyman, coffee roaster, paintor, rural entrepreneur.


Magnus is meal-ecologist and currently pursuing his PhD on Campus Grythyttan, Restaurant and Hotel faculty, Örebro University. Cook, lecturer, food craftsman, coffee roaster.


Place: Hyttdreva festival ground


Date and time: Sunday 11-14


Costs: free to participate, 20 kr for a cup of coffee and standard prices for coffee bags.





Making face masks with Ida


At first appearance human identity is created by the face. What happens if the face is covered with a mask? Does the person change or is it only our beliefs of the one behind the mask that changes? How could the festival be experiences if you were hidden by a mask made in the beautiful surroundings of Södra Hyttan with all the treasures you can find there…? Would you like to make face masks? Follow Ida along on an identity changing journey and create a new (temporary) identity for yourself.


About the leader: Ida Takala moved from Finland to Bredsjö, Hällefors, in July 2015, and volunteered at the Bredsjö Culture cooperative, and felt at home in the nature of Bergslagen. Now she lives in Örebro and plans to study at the Örebro Art School in August. Ida has a degree in culture production (at the HiHigher Vocational University of Humanities in Finland, 2005) and has worked with this that and the other. She is interested by life, play, people and would like to erase the boarders between different artforms.


Place: close to Galleri Södra Hyttan


Time and date: Saturday 12-20


Costs: free




















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