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 August 5 - 7


You will find more information about artists and program inte the menu.


The current corona situation has taken its toll on the planned festival. So that we can be sure to host a safe and excellent HyttDreva, we have decided to forward it to

August 5 - 7 2022.

You whom have bought tickets have three choices:

1. Get your money back,

2. Receive a gift-card for HyttDreva 2021

3. Donate 50/100% of your ticket to milden our losses.

Whatever you may decide, we honour you who bought tickets without the programme having been completed. And you know what? Except the four bands we had released, we had booked the world's greatest brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia for you, for all of you who love HyttDreva, and for ourselves. But we didn't have time to release the news before we had to forward the festival. Therefore, to those of you who like us, we welcome you in 2022!

To those of you who are curious, HyttDreva is an intimate and cosy festival, framed by slag-rock and books, with world-class artists. Welcome in 2022!

//HyttDreva's production team.

Uppdated 2020-05-24