Canberk Ulaş is a Turkish duduk player born amid the complexity of Armenian and Turkish relations, living in Sweden, passionately preserving Armenian techniques and exploring new sonic lands.

This solo performance is a transcendent blend of ancient traditions, experimental nuances, and electronic enchantments. Canberk Ulaş weaves a tapestry of sound that blends Turkish, Anatolian, Armenian, and Ottoman musical heritages with a contemporary perspective, echoing the diverse essence of Istanbul. His unique style carries the ancient melodies of duduk from the depths of history to the present with a meditative flow.

Canberk Ulaş released his new solo album “Echoes of Becoming” in February under Norway’s esteemed label Jazzland Recordings. As he navigates the intricate balance between tradition and experimentation, we invite you to join Canberk Ulaş on a contemplative journey of introspection and connection.

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