No HyttDreva festival without Mama Chajes Orkestar!

The group has performed on all HyttDreva festivals so far and is always highly appreciated for their lively performances. Folk music from the Balkans is mixed with circus swing and a whole lot of jazz!

The skilled jazz musician Erika Lindholm plays saxophone and flute. The charismatic folk soul Helena Sandell handles the violin and trumpet. Down-to-earth and solid, Elias Gustavsson delivers deep tones on his ukulele bass, and Max Häggberg provides thrilling drumming.

The band was formed in 2013, and their long-awaited debut album "Rackarns" was released in 2020. Since then, much water has flowed with the rivers, and many new marvelous melodies have been captured. Some have already been set free in wild improvisations, while others are waiting for upcoming adventures!

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