On the festival grounds there are opportunities to buy food, there is a café and a bar.

The food will be wraps made from, as far as is possible, organic and locally produced ingredients, by a local entrepreneur.

The café is the Bokloppis café which is open during the regular Bokloppis hours during the summer, read more here (Swedish only). Here too the selection consists of organic and, as far as is possible, local ingredients. It is run by local enthusiasts.

We have the possibility to sell alcohol through a permit that we applied for. This means that 1, only alcohol that is bought on the grounds may be consumed on the festival grounds and 2, we have strict rules for where the alcohol may be consumed. This includes the area where the Bokloppis is (inside the main building), as well as the front area as well as the open area where the food is served. We ask you to respect these rules so that we can continue to serve you many years to come.


Södra Hyttan   is found close to Hjulsjö. Between Hällefors and Kopparberg  we are connected to the R63, and from here you can follow signs to Södra Hyttan.

The festival grounds of HyttDreva is in the same place as Bergslagens Största Bokloppis.

Google maps and other services such as a GPS usually get it is you write Södra Hyttan  (otherwise  you can search for Hjulsjö 208 postcode 71291 Hällefors). – But the map here to the right should show you were we will meet!



59°46'2.2"N 14°48'14.7"E


59°46.037'N 14°48.245'E

WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)

59.767277, 14.804077

RT90 (nord, öst)

6627940, 1443750

SWEREF99 TM (nord, öst)

6625510, 488995


On the festival grounds there is a wild camping where everybody is welcome to stay for the duration of the Hyttdreva. There will be access to drinking water as well as toiletries that are on the festival grounds.

We would also like to take the opportunity to advertise local options in the surrounding areas where you can stay.

Hjulsjö Camping (around 3 km from the festival area)

Information about accomodation at

Airbnb, search for Hjulsjö.

Skogsbrynet B&B Bredsjö, Bredsjö Nya Herrgård

Hällefors Herrgård

Sikfors Herrgård

Grythyttan Herrgård

Grythyttans Gästgiveri

Nyhyttans kurort

Loka Brunn


We are working to improve accessibility in the area for people with reduced mobility. Today we have disabled parking with direct access to the festival area. During HyttDreva we have two stages with good accessibility, while the other two have good accessibility but limited capacity. The problem is solved to some extent by volunteers whose task is to facilitate the experience, not just physically. We have a beautiful outhouse with a ramp, created in the form of Slejpner by the Italian artist Duilio Forte.