A vibrant music performance and fiery swing! Asphalt-soaked jazz blends with Ghanaian traditional rhythms and Afrobeat. The orchestra is led by percussionist and composer Kristina Aspeqvist, who, after a few years' hiatus, has finally started giving her rare concerts again.

The name stems from Kristina's studies and drumming experience since her youth in large parts of West Africa, mostly in the Ewe region where Vodou is the traditional religion. She is the first woman to play the Masterdrum at the ceremonies and the first white person to be initiated as a queen in these societies.

The musicians consist of renowned jazz and folk musicians from the Swedish music elite, such as saxophonist Klas Toresson and percussionist Liliana Zavala, who otherwise perform under their own names or with artists such as Dekula Kahanga, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Nisse Landgren, Superstar Orchestra, and Fever Ray.

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Stockholm Vodou Orchestra 2024:

Kristina Aspeqvist, composer, perc
Liliana Zavala, perc
Isak Andersson, trs
Rubem Farias, bas
Göran Larsson, git
Olof Misgeld, fiol
Petter Bergander, kb
Klas Eriksson, bastrb
Klas Jervfors, trb
Klas Toresson, tsx
Linus Kåse, altsx
Mikko Iskanius, trp
David Bryntesson, trp