The workshops 2020

Whether you want to find balance, in life or on a slackline, if you want to write, paint or take pictures – we have what you need, but perhaps not yet know you want. Our workshop leaders come from many different places and bring experiences to share, we could not ever imagine. A mixture of sounds, images, movements and nature. All things to create a wonderful experience of HyttDreva this summer. So come for the music. But don't forget to look at the workshops and see how you can participate.

For more info press here (you will be magically moved to our Swedish site and there you will find the workshops held in English written in English).

Updated 7/6 2018


6 - 8 augusti 2021 i Södra Hyttan arrangeras av SHOIF, Studiefrämjandet och Bredsjö Kulturkooperativ

med stöd av Kulturrådet, Musikverket och Hällefors kommun.